The Athletics Integrity Unit, AIU, has provisionally suspended Nigerian track and field athlete, Tobi Amusan, on 19th July 2023, for three missed whereabouts failures.

Nigerian Athletic, Tobi Amusan

The suspension was announced after it was discovered that Amusan had missed three drug tests within 12 months.

This charge could result in a two-year suspension, even if an athlete has never failed a drug test.

In a statement on the AIU Twitter handle, the charge will be heard by the Disciplinary Tribunal and determined before the World Athletics Championships.

In reaction to the charge, Amusan said;

I am a CLEAN athlete, and I am regularly (maybe more than usual) tested by the AIU.

Tobi Amusan – Nigerian Athletic

She also vowed to resolve the charges against her before this year’s competition, which will take place in Budapest, next month

Tobi Amusan, 26, is the women’s hurdles world record holder who has represented Nigeria in numerous international competitions.

Story: Christy Dung