Internet users reacted to a video where a gateman received Louis Viutton shoes worth $1,000, which is approximately over N802,000,and bundles of cash from his appreciative employer, Ehi Ogbegbor.

Ehi Ogbegbor, Nigerian Business woman

In the viral footage, Ehi surprised her gateman, Isah, in the living room with the luxury shoe and money.

Isah appeared surprised, initially thinking only one bundle was for him.

The woman praised his dressing and neatness, highlighting his growing popularity on social media.

She encouraged him to stay diligent, prayed for his upliftment.

The video has attracted many comment from Nigerian social media.

while some suggested giving cash instead, others discussed the significance of the woman’s gesture.

In response to negative comments suggesting she was seeking attention, Ehi clarified that her actions were not for clout.

The businesswoman emphasized that she consistently goes above and beyond for her employees behind the scenes.