Spokesperson for the Atiku Abubakar Campaign Organisation, Senator Dino Melaye, and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK, on Tuesday, 6th September 2022, took their social media pages to throw shades at each other through dramatic video skits.

The duo, who have cross carpeted the two major political parties in Nigeria have been at loggerheads lately over the crisis rocking the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), with FFK calling for the disqualification of Iyorchya Ayu as the PDP’s National Chair.

FFK had dug up an old photo of Dino Melaye drinking garri, and posted on his Instagram handle with the caption:

Reacting to FFK’s post, Melaye took to his Instagram page to explain that he had put up the photo of himself taking garri years ago. He wrote:

The former Senator further made a video post, throwing shade at FFK with the caption: “I will not invite FFK for dinner.”

In the video, Melaye’s aides pretentiously beg him to invite Fani-Kayode for dinner, but Melaye refused, saying he would not bankroll anybody.

Two hours later, Fani-Kayode replied Melaye in a skit where the ex-minister had his security aides pretend that Melaye was requesting audience with him.

Fani-Kayode then tells his aides not to allow him enter, captioning his post: “Read the signboard: pigs cannot enter!” The former Minister also tells his aides to “find something” for Melaye. He also alleged that the former senator was into homosexuality.

The brawl between FFK and Melaye started with FFK calling for the disqualification of Iyorchya Ayu, in response to the recent outburst of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council’s Spokesperson, Dino Melaye on the emergence of Ayu as the PDP’s National Chair.

Melaye had said in a chat with journalists recently, that the PDP Governors spent money at the party’s National Convention which took place in December 2021, to ensure the emergence of the former Senate President as National Chairman.

Reacting, FFK described the outburst as a grave and serious matter, alluding that the utterance was a public confession of a criminal offence made by a senior figure within the PDP cabal that committed the said offence. 

Fani-Kayode then demanded the disqualification of PDP presidential candidate from the 2023 race.

Reacting, Melaye in a tweet said Fani-Kayode’s comment lacked comprehension. He wrote: “My attention has just been called to a statement issued by Femi Fani-Kayode, which as usual, was an incoherent gibberish produced from his temporary relief from insanity. How can one explain his momentary consciousness to react to an interview long granted, if not that his world of reality is not in sync with the world of sound minds. Truly, an idle hand and heart like that of FFK is the devil’s residence. Ordinarily, his rambling would have been ignored, but in this age of unrestricted access to the media even by unwholesome minds, care must be taken to put issues in the right context and perspective,” the post read.

Responding via his Instagram handle, Fani-Kayode wrote: “What can one say about a parsite of a man that licked the arse of Nasir El Rufai for years, then moved to Bukola Saraki’s, then moved to Yahaya Bello’s, then moved to Nysesom Wike’s and then finally moved to Atiku’s and licked far more than just are.”

The ex-Minister also posted a video of Melaye in 2019 when he was arrested by the police for illegal possession of arms, gun running and alleged sponsoring of hoodlums in Kogi State.

He wrote: “Dino was so terrified of the police and of being detained that he fainted and started bleating like a gut*ted p*g. A grown man, weeping and crying and crawling all over the floor simply because he was arrested.

“I have never seen such wea*ness and cow*rdice. Is this the man that wants to lead the charge for a serious presidential contender? We will eat them for breakfast! No wonder he got upset when I called for his arrest and that of their party Chairman. The idea of the police bundling him again drove him ins*ne and he started to in*ult his elders, betters and those of us that fed him in the past. Say NO to drugs, copr*philia, and sod*my! P.S. Remember what Dan Jay did to you years ago? Let us pray it does not happen to you again.”

In reaction, some social media user aired their views on the dramatic skits posted by FFK and Dino Melaye:

@laronultimate wrote: “just me obediently watching the drama between these two”.

@legend_bobai: “Omo this wan na 2 goals 😂😂😂… Dino 4 vs FFK 4 let’s keep going,,, what an interesting match,,, guys place your bets ooo“.

@jojo.vince: “What a show of shame,Ori yin ti daru patapata 🤣🤣🤣”.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe

Media: @dinomelaye/Instagram, @real_ffk


September 7, 2022