The internationally acclaimed female disc jockey, Florence Otedola, popularly know as DJ Cuppy, recently shared a close call with failure during her time in the University of Oxford’s master’s program.

DJ Cuppy, Nigerian Disk Jockey

Speaking at a recent event, DJ Cuppy emphasized the inevitability of failure, even for the most accomplished women.

Back in March 2021, the daughter of a billionaire revealed her admission to Oxford University for a master’s degree in African Studies, successfully completing it in 2022.

She highlighted the strength found in uncertainty and the lessons learned from failure in a video that has gone viral online.

Despite hailing from a wealthy family, Cuppy expressed the unpredictability that has characterized her life.

DJ Cuppy, reflected on her unsuccessful jewelry line, launched at 28, her challenging journey during her studies at Oxford, and a tumultuous relationship with British boxer Ryan Taylor.

She acknowledged that her story was not over even as she stressed that she was comfortable with the uncertainty ahead.