Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has opened up about her struggles with Urticaria, a skin condition also known as Hives.  

According to a description by Mayo Clinic, Urticaria is a “skin reaction that causes itchy welts, a condition which is said to be caused by allergies, appears in form of swellings or patches on the skin and can last for several months or years if chronic”.

Actress Uche Ogbodo showing off her skin condition

The actress who has been off screen for a while has opened up to say it is as a result of her struggle with the ailment and stated that the condition has challenged her “physically, mentally and psychologically” for three years and counting.

Ogbodo wrote via her Instagram page on Friday, 16th December, 2022 that;

It’s been 3 years I’ve had to deal with this condition, it’s one of the worst things I’ve been through in my life. I’m not bedridden physically but Urticaria has physically, mentally, and psychologically challenged me, even with my career.

 I wake up every day with a zeal to live which is why I believe I have overcome this demon. I’m not dying today! That is my everyday spirit and I go through my day like the warrior goddess that I am”

The 36-year-old actress revealed that she has decided to return to the gym despite her condition in order to, among other reasons, “inspire” people suffering from the ailment.

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo

In the captions on her survivors Page @livinwithurticaria she wrote;

“So after 1 and a half year of not working out due to attacks I get every day, and how intense I break out after workouts, and very low energy I have every day, I’m back in the Gym like I never left! I have 3 Reasons why;

1. Not because I hate my new body, but because I want to contour it at the right places.

2. Because I want to get back to modelling my clothes for @bodygangsocietyy effortlessly and feel awesome in it.

3. Because I wish to inspire so many men and women like me who are Urticaria sufferers, I want to give you hope”.

She added that she is a survivor of Urticaria and want to help people too to beat this deadly Condition.

Story: Elizabeth Ereke


December 20, 2022