Ex-BBNaija Adeoluwa Okusaga popularly known as Saga, is set to do a uniquely-styled exhibition which will open for a private viewing on Thursday, 13th April, 2023 and a general public viewing from Friday 14th – Sunday 30th April, 2023 at the prestigious Omenka Gallery Lagos, to boast an unusual collection of thought-provoking art pieces.

Saga views his art as a medium for self-expression and a means to tell stories which he considers an important conduit for transmitting and communicating healing images. In his own words; “there is nothing more apt in defining openness and vulnerability, than applying the device of nakedness to address issues around mental health’’.

Featuring in his debut exhibition are works from guest artists such as Raji Bamidele, a modern/contemporary artist known for his masterful use of colour and texture,and Ken Nwadiogbu, a multidisciplinary visual artist who creates innovative conceptual drawings and paintings.

An excited Saga says: “I can’t wait to showcase my debut exhibition and collaborate with these two incredible artists, Raji Bamidele and Ken Nwadiogbu. My goal is to use my Art to reflect the subtleties of human nature and share my vision with the world. I hope my work will inspire and evoke emotions that transcend language and cultural barriers.”

The collaboration between Saga and these talented artists promises to be a harmonious fusion of diverse artistic expressions.

Story: Justina Egye