Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and other European clubs have dominated the new World Clubs’ ranking by Football database, as made known on its website on Monday, 28th August, 2023.

Based on the football ranking website, the soccer club’s ranking was updated after matches played on Sunday, 27th August, 2023.

The report revealed that out of the 2,875 clubs in the ranking, Manchester City came first position with 2086 points, Bayern Munich as second with 1950 points, and Real Madrid as third with 1942 points.

Others are Victor Osimhen’s Napoli, sat in the fourth position with 1,924 points, and Inter Milan followed with 1,917 points.

Liverpool got 1,900 points at number six, Arsenal with 1,871 points at number seven, FC Porto sat at number eight with 1,869 points, Barcelona at number nine with 1,865 points and Atletico Madrid with 1,850 points at number 10.

Meanwhile, Newcastle and Manchester United maintained 16th and 17th with 1,819 and 1,811 respectively.

Also in the list, Egypt’s Ah-Ahly came 50th position and Nigeria’s Kano Pillars football clubs are ahead of Lionel Messi’s new club, Inter Miami in the World clubs’ ranking.

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