Social media users have shared their thoughts on the issue of Lad, an apprentice, reportedly forced to split his N16million with his boss.

Lad an apprentice in Alaba Market, Lagos, hit it big Jack pot as he won a sports bet of N16 million. 

Problem brewed for the young man as his boss demanded an equal share of N8 million from the winning apprentice.

According to @oku_yungx who shared the story on Twitter, lad’s master requested that he is given half of the total winning money.

“So this boy who is currently undergoing his Apprenticeship with oga at Alaba market won 16 million naira on BET and his boss requested he shared the money into 2. Meaning his boss goes with 8million. “

“I hear the market people supported his boss so he had to oblige.” 

Reactions as people explained what they would have done if in lad’s the apprentice shoe. this led to a Tweet debate, with many taking sides with the boss, while explaining how the apprenticeship system works.

Others criticised the boss and asked if he would have shared in the loss if his apprentice had lost the bet.

Story: Ralia Adama

Media: Twitter/Oku@oku-yungx