A Brazilian lady identified as, Priscila Beatrice, has won the hearts of internet users who have called her Rihanna‘s twin due to the striking resemblance they share.

The lady first came into limelight in 2020, when a video of her first emerged where she was imitating the Barbados singer went viral on the internet and caught people’s attention.

Once @theshaderoom shared a video of her where she dressed up like Rihanna from the British Fashion Awards and the singer herself commented saying:

Where the album sis?#R9 ” . This comment Rihanna made to Priscila was in respect of her then new album

Priscila then took to her Instagram page to share her joy. She wrote:

“I still can’t believe it, the page @theshaderoom shared my video on their profile and my own Rihanna @badalgiri saw my video and commented!!! Do you know what I’m feeling right now!!! I can’t stop crying with emotions!!! of happiness! it is a dream!! God is soo wonderful”.

Priscila Beatrice’s Instagram page where she shows her resemblance to the singer

The young lady has such a striking resemblance with the Barbados singer that many of the singer’s fans sometimes fail in an attempt to tell them apart.

After being first discovered, Priscilla has grown in popularity as she regularly shares videos and her pictures looking like Rihanna.

In a video which she had shared, she stood in front of Rihanna, hiding her face before revealing her face to show her resemblance to the star.

Priscila is an Instagram model, social media personality and Influencer. She boasts of about 292k Instagram followers and 2 million followers on TikTok.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: Priscila.Breatrice/ Instagram


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