This father and son music team is one of the cutest videos you will ever see. The Kenyan duo have become famous for their cover of Nigerian singer, 2baba’s ‘African Queen’, and other hit songs.

2baba African Queen song cover made by Father and son

Michael Bundi, Kenyan musician and content creator, features his son, Fayez Bundi, in all his music videos. Their heartwarming videos has made a name for the Kenyan Family on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Michael Bundi and son Fayez

The father and son have been recording music since Fayez was four years old, and they have built incredible chemistry over that time.

The duo has seized the opportunity and tide brought about by the ever-growing social media content creation industry in Kenya to carve out a living for themselves.

 Bundi became famous first for producing reggae music. His journey however was a difficult one as he battled depression that led to suicide attempts, to failed attempt to make a hit song, and was also bullied during his high school years.

photo of Father and son

Bundi recalls that when their videos started blowing up, the anxiety crept in since he was receiving numerous calls from people wanting to work with them and he did not know whether they were legit or trying to take advantage of his son.

Bundi notes that he teaches his son a lot about righteousness. He added that he has prepared him for a lot that he can expect in the social media space.

Story: Ralia Adama

Media: realmichaelbundi/Instagram