Renowned Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, took to her Instagram page on Sunday, 15th January, 2023, in a video clip, to clarify the speculation of having cancer.

Actress, Mercy Johnson

 She said she only spoke of having ‘cancer scare’, following issues she had with her thyroid, which her doctors felt was serious.

According to her, she is doing well and does not have cancer but she was only misunderstood with her explanation in her first video clip on ‘Mercy’s Menu’.

Joke, however, shared her story, while Mercy’s opened up for the first time on TV of her coming to terms and acceptance of a lifelong journey with medication after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

She said; “… Odi [her husband] and I have actually been here and I have never discussed it where we had, like uhm, a scare. I had a cancer scare in quote and I had like my thyroid removed. And it was like a journey for us because we had kids.

My last was six months at that time and then we kept on saying okay, we have to understand that this is the new us, let’s go get the surgery done.

And then we got there, they said I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life and it was a reality that we had to sit down.

So I’m reconciling with this you’re saying, it’s the truth. At the point you realize this is where we are, let’s grow from here, let’s live in this comfort zone.”

However, she has come out to say that she is okay and does not have cancer.

Mercy expressed gratitude to fans for their calls and prayers over the worrisome news.

Story:Christy Dung