Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, of PSquare has taken to social media to share his findings upon catching a fraudster pretending to be him.

The singer recorded a video of the fraudster on his Instagram page, impersonating him by using a picture of his face to scam people on video call.

The music star who was on a video call with one of the fraudster’s victims, showed his fans how they usually operate.

The singer explained that the fraudster usually calls his targets on video and uses an old video recording of the celebrity as if he is truly the one on the video call. However, the fraudster’s video and speech did not align as he was only using the singer’s image to dupe others.

Peter also captured the moment on video when the fraudster called back his victim while still pretending to be the singer and even claimed he had a show to get to, asking the victim to make a payment not knowing that he had been found out.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media:@Peterpsuare/ Instagram