White influencer, known as Majiq Pia, who shocked many people by hawking walnuts on the streets of Lagos, has narrated what she went through on that day, stating on her TikTok page, that it was a whole new experience for her and she enjoyed every bit of it.


Pia confirmed the whole process of carrying wares on the head and hawking is a difficult task. She recently shared a new video explaining how business went on that day and why she did what she did. She said:

“Lots of questions came up about why I did it. Basically I love Nigeria, I love the way people are welcoming me here and the diversity within the country and am the first one who love buying plantain chips, water on the side road.

And I just wanted to get the feeling of what it was like for myself and am soo grateful that I did and it’s extremely hard. I wanted to see how it was like.”

According to Pia, she wanted to connect with the people in Nigeria and see what it feels like hawking under the sun.

Hailing people hawking goods on streets, she gave a big shout out to them, while admiring their strength and courage:

That thing is not easy ..the weight that your carrying on your head and your hands will hurt.”

Pia proudly hawking walnut in Lagos traffic.

Pia, who sported a native dress, balanced the wares on her head and ran after cars to sell her wares.

Story: Hilda Katu

Media: @Pia/ TikTok


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  • Chinyere


    Very interesting experience. Is not an easy task hawking my dear. A shout out to all the hawkers all over the country, una well done o

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